Changed Lives


Sharon Sharon
"The doctor explained that they had all been baffled by my case"


‘Having suffered severe discomfort for some time, I visited my GP who subsequently arranged for me to have an ultra sound scan, in order to see if it was possible to identify the cause of the discomfort.


The result of the scan showed that I had an ovarian cyst. My GP advised me that it was a Dermoid cyst and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. During the next two years, the pain increased. I had a couple more scan’s which revealed that the cyst had grown.


I was referred by my GP for surgery to have the cyst removed because the type of cyst I had do not disperse on their own and need to be removed surgically. I was admitted into hospital on the Sunday and was greeted by the Doctor on duty who shared she was also a Christian when I explained that I had come straight from church. I knew God was in control and for me this was another sign that He was going to take good care of me.


On the Monday afternoon I was taken to theatre for the procedure and came round from the anesthetic later that evening. I was told by the nurse on duty that night that I would be going home the next day. I gave God thanks that all must have gone very well, to be able to go home so soon, unaware of the news to come.

The following morning one of the Doctor’s who was in the theatre during my surgery came to update me. Initially, she asked me again about the cyst and how long it had been on the ovary. I explained again, but this time she looked at me in an odd way. I took a deep breath because now I wasn’t sure what to expect. Then all was revealed. After inspection no cyst was found on either ovary. The surgeon did a thorough investigation of the pelvic area and all was found to be very well and in good order. The doctor explained that they had all been baffled by my case.


Thanks to all who stood with me in prayer for my healing and with practical help of meals, shopping and lots of love. Most of all my thanks go to God who is ever faithful and true to his word. He is the Lord my healer